Work Claims

Halisok's Work Claim splitter application is used by law firms specialising in work claim dispute resolution. It can split work claims of unlimited size into 17 different documents types encompassing clinical records, forms, notices, email and more.

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Reduce Processing time by 90%

Users can upload work claims to the application which are then digitalised, passed through OCR, cleaned and finally split into their constituent documents using machine learning models. Up to 90% of the original document by page count is successfully extracted leaving only 10% requiring manual intervention by the user.

an image of the Work Claims interface
an image of the Work Claims interface with more detailed information
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Handles 17 File Types

Our model has been trained to extract a variety of different documents types:

  • Clinical records
  • Certificate of Capacity
  • Emails
  • Tax Invoices
  • Claims (Workers Injury, Employer Injury, Impairment Benefits)
  • Notices (Acceptance, Rejection, Termination, Impairment Benefits)
  • Worker's Response
  • Solicitor's Enquiry
  • Conciliation Outcome Certificate
  • Rehabilitiation
  • Medical Panel
  • Investigation of Circumstance
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View and Manage Split Files Easily

Easily access all extracted files, apply relevant filters, sort by document type, view document contents and download as pdf.

an image of the an example file that the company uses
an image of the Human-in-the-Loop Attention Interface
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Human in the Loop

Use Human-in-the-Loop integration to improve results

For difficult document types which cannot be extracted with machine learning alone, the platform allows the user to provide inputs and guidance to improve the extraction results.