HUDS Wealth Document Classifier

Reads the contents of document and assigns it to one of 22 common documents types in the Financial Wealth industry. This product has achieved >98% accuracy and allows our clients to efficiently sort the high value client facing document from the rest.

HUDS.Document Classifier Table

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Document Type

Filter items by document type

Classifies into
22 document types

AI predicts the document type

of Prediction

Each prediction has an associated confidence

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HUDS Wealth Statement of Advice Document Extractor

In the Financial Wealth Industry, the Statement of Advice (SOA) is a key client facing document that is often large (>50 pages) and is required by legislation to provide key information about the client's advice (e.g. risk profile, investments etc). The HUDS SOA extractor extracts these key datapoints and apply regulatory checks against the data.

HUDS.Document Extractor Table


Each datapoint is extracted with a confidence level (4 point scale)

Natural Language
Entity Extraction

Able to extract entities from natural language sentences


Extract each row from Tables

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Easily view the contents of each file side by side with the extracted datapoints.