Integrate your email, word and pdf documents with ChatGPT

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is currently creating great excitement in law firms with its amazing natural language capabilities. The Halisok platform is designed to allow users to apply the power of OpenAI’s natural language engines to any document in their law firm whether it is an email, word or pdf document.

The Halisok platform allows users to easily apply the OpenAI engine to question/answer, summarise and redraft text from any selected document.

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Question and Answer

Users can perform a Question and Answer (Q&A) using ChatGPT against any email, word and pdf document. Our platform automatically reads the text from your documents before sending to ChatGPT.

an image of the question/answer ChatGPT Halisok uses
an image of the ChatGPT user interface which demonstrates what the ChatGPT is primarily used for.
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Text Summarisation and Rephrasing

Our Platform allows law firms to summarise any of their documents using the ChatGPT engine. Using the ChatGPT engline, documents can be summarised and rephrased in a format of their choice e.g. in 30 words, 100 words or in a language that is understandable for a six year old.

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Drafting Documents, Emails and Terms

The GPT-3 engince can be used to draft emails, slack messages and clauses based on the context of any selected document.

an image of the ChatGPT interface that the user uses
an image of the interface for using difficult documents
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Apply across Multiple Documents

For difficult document types which cannot be extracted with Machine Learning alone, the system allows the user to provide inputs and guidance to improve the extraction results.

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Save Results

The HALISOK platform allows users to save the results of their queries for easy reference later.

an image of the interface for Saving the documents and Chat used by the user