Halisok Logo in the Financial Wealth Industry

Halisok has partnered with HUB24, Australia’s leading provider of integrated platform, technology and data solutions for the wealth industry. With HUB24, we have developed the Halisok Unstructured Data Suite (HUDS) with the objective of extracting key data points from unstructured data sources. The HUDS platform currently processes 100,000 documents per month with >95% data accuracy for each extracted data point across four major HUB24 clients.

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Document Classifier

Reads the contents of documents and assigns one or more relevant labels. These labels can then be used to sort documents into logical categories or infer defining characteristics of the underlying data.

an image of Halisok Document's Classifier
an image of Halisok's Document Extractor
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Document Extractor

Reads the contents of a document, extracts key datapoints and stores them in a structured manner. It can operate on documents of variable formats without requiring any pre-defined structure.